Stuck in a rut

I know I shouldn’t’ve done it. But it was unavoidable. Argh.

Just came back from a quick trip to Abu Dhabi. It was an unplanned visit, we basically went there to see if everything was still OK. What with this Dubai debt crisis and all, ya never know if they haven’t sold off the joint to some camel race organiser in the mean time. Better to be safe than sorry I always say. And I’ve got the billions to prove it.

But all was well, the circuit sparkling and shiny as ever. God I love those new circuits, Yas Marina and Shanghai and Dubai, and the way they got that street circuit up and running in Singapore. All that wonderful tarmac and those pristine premises, waiting for the money to flow in. Spent the whole way back in the plane with my head in the clouds. No pun intended.

So far so good. Only problem was, when I got back I had to go immediately on to Silverstone. Straight from the plane into the car. Just renewed the deal with those bloody paupers for another 17 years. Under pressure, I might say. The whole press was shouting about what a shame it would be if Good Ole’ England would lose its Grand Prix. Boo bloody hoo I’d say, we lost the Empire too didn’t we? And that’s not coming back either. The future is elsewhere, learn to live with it.

Everybody and his mate had an opinion, and all fingers were pointing at old Bernie, as if I’m the only one who has a say in it. Oh wait, I do. But anyway. Even my daughters phoned me up, Dad please, we won’t get invited to any birthday parties any more if you drop our Grand Prix. Please pretty please do something about it. Oh well.

So first it was going to be Donington, but that deal fell apart quicker than the track itself, which is to say something. Couldn’t get anybody to cough up the money to build a proper F1 circuit. And that surprises me how? So October came and went, November came and went, and I had no choice but to cut these Silverstone misers back in. And that’s why I had to go there. Right after Abu Dhabi.



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