The Americans are coming. Are they?

It seems the Americans are all abuzz over their new team. Expanding in Asia may be my favourite hobby horse but it’s true, if we really want to remain a global sports, sooner or later we’ll have to get the yanks back on board.

But it ain’t easy. I thought we were well on our way when we got the US F1 team in, but the only thing I’ve seen so far is a lot of PR and no wheels. Sort of like a mini General Motors if you ask me. Called their boss Peter Windsor today, wishing him Happy New Year and by the way, are you aware that to compete in F1 you need a car and some drivers?

The answer wasn’t promising. Instead of saying yes, we’re busy on that, here’s what we have so far, he started mumbling things like “we’re building our house” and “we’re putting together our team.” Then he went on how exciting it was that a guy called Chad Hurley had come in as an investor. Who’s he, I asked. “Chad Hurley! Don’t you know him? He’s CEO and founder of YouTube!” I said, not sure what that is, is that some new tyre manufacturer? Since we’re really in need of one PDQ, or else we’ll all be running around on Korean rubber next season.

Apparently this flabbergasted him. Seems this YouTube is big on the internets, silly little movie clips about people’s pets and such. Told him I had no time for that kind of nonsense and frankly, neither did he. This pissed him off. I barely got time to make sure he knew the first race will be in Bahrain and we expect him to be there on Thursday March 11th with two cars, two drivers and a bunch of mechanics, before he rang off.

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