Daily Archives: January 26, 2010

We crashed out of the Saab race

Maybe I was a bit harsh with Peter Windsor just now, but to be honest today’s a bit of a bad day for me.

Reason is I had a long meeting yesterday with Gerard Lopez, my money friend from Luxembourg. (Sounds a bit redundant, doesn’t it? -ed.) Gerard had been going through the figures again on our Saab offer, and the picture wasn’t good. “They’re winding it down as we speak, Bernie,” he said. “Every day it’s starting to look more like throwing good money after bad.”

It’s a shame. Such a nice brand. Saabs always make me realise there’s motor oil in my veins instead of blood. On the other hand, Gerard’s right. In the end it always comes down to the cold hard numbers. There’s no room for sentimentality. And even if there were, sentimental I am not. Ever tried keeping a bunch of ruthless car manufacturers, arrogant team bosses, penny-pinching circuit owners and hormone-ridden race drivers together for a couple of decades, shaping up the greatest sports spectacle on Earth? Continue reading

One down, all the rest to go

Just had a very triumphant Peter Windsor on the phone. “We have a driver!” he belts out. “US F1 has a driver!” I turn down the volume of my phone a bit and say calmly “Oh good Peter. That’s one down, one to go. By the way, do you have a car yet? And engineers? You need a couple dozen of those at least but maybe two or three to start with?”

This does not go down well. “Jose Maria Lopez is the dominant race driver in all of Argentina,” he says. “He’s the new Fangio. So stop jerking me around, will you? The President of Argentina came out especially for the signing ceremony. I sent you the picture, did you get it? That’s her right there, right next to me.”

I decide not to mention Continue reading