Please be seated

With all that fringe stuff going on with circuit layouts and teams with or without cars and such you’d almost forget what this is all about.

Did I hear someone say racing? Very funny. What I mean of course are TV rights. That’s what keeps our sports running and people like me in clover. And don’t you forget it one moment.

Kudos to Hungarian designer Alexander Christoff, who seems to understand this better than anyone else. So here’s the F1 Lounge Chair, the ultimate viewing experience for the true F1 fan.

Speakers built into the headrest, and room for a crate of beer under the seat. Not the little rear spoiler to prevent you looking like a total dork. Industry grade fiber glass and the upholstery is made from the same stuff as actual racing seats. No cup holders, because F1 cars don’t have them either. Except possibly the US F1 car of course, but as far as I know that’s still imaginary.


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