Silverstone, Bloody Hill

Well, I saved Silverstone, didn’t I? But if you think they’re grateful, you’re wrong.

Thing is, in order to come up with the necessary 300 million quid for the next 17 years – which I repeat is a VERY reasonable fee if I say so myself – they’ll have to whip the old mud pit into shape. And that means changing the circuit, so that spectators can actually see what’s going on during the race. Sorta makes sense, don’t it?

No it doesn’t. At least not according to Damon ‘Busybody’ Hill, who by virtue of having won the Championship exactly once, exactly fourteen years ago, thinks he’s entitled to an opinion about what makes circuits tick.

I like the new design. I really do. Bridge goes, drivers take a left at Abbey instead and end up smack in the middle of the new Arena complex, where they actually get close to the grandstands. To borrow from the marketingspeak I keep hearing all around these days, “It’ll improve the overall experience going forward.”

Except for Mr ‘I own the place’ Hill, who apparently doesn’t want to go forward. “What’s bugging you?” I asked him the other day. “It’s the first time the track changes its overall shape since 1950. Can’t you handle change or something?” But the only answer I got was “I have the idea of my perfect, fantasy track and that’s not what we are building.”

Well, at least we’re building something. Another first since 50 years. And if I get my way there’s not a single thing he can do about it. Wait a minute? ‘If?’ Of course I’ll get my way. 300 million reasons say I will.

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