Branson: we didn’t screw up (finally)

Funny that. After screwing up both their ‘virtual launch’ (which means launching a website but) and their first test, which was an improvement in that this time they didn’t lose the whole car but just a wing, Virgin have actually completed 63 test laps without losing any part. Which is good, considering they’ve shown a habit of coming to the track without spare parts.

Good news? Depends where you stand. Where I’m standing is at the receiving end of triumphant phone calls from Big Swinging Dick Branson. “Did you see that, Bernie? Look old chap, no hands! We only used a computer, nothing else. Everyone said it couldn’t be done, but we did it! And within the original budget! That’s what I call guerilla marketing, and dontcha know it!”

Well I don’t actually. Nevertheless, I decided not to mention that their car came in 9th out of 10, three and a half seconds off the pace, but you don’t interrupt a man who’s posted pictures of himself as Che Guevara in the London Underground, do you?

God, sometimes I think this whole inviting new teams thing was a mistake.

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