A tribute to our fans

People sometimes ask me what I love most about F1. There’s only one possible answer to that: fans.

When I go to races I just love the sight of those thousands of enthousiastic paying ticket holders fans who adore their idols (i.e. not me but the idiots behind the wheel of those splendid specimens of automative technology), paint their faces and wear their team colours.

Fans come in all sorts and shapes, as the photo shows. They are the wonderful people who organise pitlane picnics, race each other on slotcar copies of all the circuits and, most of all, switch on their tellies when the race is on. Especially the latter is extremely important because it contributes to viewing rates. And these, my friends, are the lifeblood of my personal finances the entire sports. Without those we would never be able to afford all those luxurious motor homes, private airplanes and shapely grid girls, not to mention our hideously expensive wives and girlfriends.

So keep on watching those races, good people, either at the circuit (preferably once or twice a year) or on telly (preferably the other 18 or so). Keep buying the merchandise and organising those pitlane picnics and circuit walks. Unfortunately my busy schedule doesn’t allow me to attend any of them, but rest assured, I will be there in spirit.

And to show my appreciation of your never-ending loyalty, I will award two fake grandstand tickets to those who wear the most fitting attire to a pitlane picnic, circuit walk, or indeed any F1-centric activity. Send photos to FakeBernie.E@gmail.com, and we will publish them faithfully and almost without shame.

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