My new assistant

So far I have been sending my thoughts out by email to a very select few. Bear in mind that I predate computers and it’s nothing short of a miracle that I can get anything done on these things at all. But the times are changing and my readers require more from me – and Bernie wouldn’t be Bernie if I wouldn’t see to that.

So I can happily announce that I have hired a new assistant, Fabiana, who will sort out these matters for me. I’ve been told it is much easier to posts these little messages of mine in a thing called blog, a place on the internets where everyone and his mate can go read the texts and revel in the pictures to his heart’s desire.

Fabiana comes highly recommended. My friends tell me her knowledge of IT is unsurpassed. I have of course no way to check that but one look at her resume (shown here) was enough to convince me.

Rest assured, dear readers and all other Fake Bernie fans, Fabiana will solve all your technical problems.

6 responses to “My new assistant

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