Well, the season’s started. Always a relief to see the whole thing getting in motion, all my teams getting their cars on the grid (well, almost all), the local hotel prices quadrupling, and my beloved almost 600 million viewers gathering in front of their tellies. Four World Champions on the grid, the best cars ever. What on Earth can go wrong?

Except what we got to see was arguably the most expensive funeral procession in the world. Why can’t you leave anything to those moronic bunglers in FIA nowadays? God I wish Max hadn’t gone. He would’ve knocked some heads together to prevent debacles like these. He might’ve behaved like a dictator, but at least dictators get things done, innit?

Can’t say I didn’t warn them. Chrissakes, that’s the very reason why I suggested those shortcuts a little while ago.

Gotta call Jean, rightaway. Where’s my Alka Seltzer?

7 responses to “Boooring

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