Daily Archives: March 16, 2010

Americans: be patient

Talk about boring races. All of a sudden it’s Indianapolis Speculation Time again. It happened in Sakhir. One moment I’m just strolling around minding my own business, and the next thing you know there’s this Reuters journo asking me how about F1 coming back to the US.

What a time to ask. I mean, here we have the US F1 “We are done” fiasco just behind us and the bloke has the nerve to ask when’s the next US race?

Frankly, my dear friends, these are the moments in life I hate most. Let’s face it, I’m not a spur-of-the-moment guy. If you put me on the spot, stuff comes out like it’s all the wrong crowd and the wrong people and the idiots on the internets start analysing and before you know it half America is up in arms.

So let me tell you this, Armed Americans: F1 will be back in the US, if it’s the last thing I’ll ever do. It’ll happen. Just don’t bother me in the meanwhile.

Stay cool, lads

Like I said yesterday, Bahrain was deader than a dead duck in the dead of the desert (we get it – ed.). Matter of fact, I was the only one who did the right thing – leave halfway and run for the private jet home. Someone has to keep his cool in this madhouse.

Which I can’t say for the rest of the circus. FOTA and the team bosses are suddenly all in favour of a mandatory second pitstop after voting it down just a few months ago. The rookies are screaming bloody murder, saying it’s not their fault so whatever you do, don’t punish us. The only ones who’re happy are Continue reading