Stay cool, lads

Like I said yesterday, Bahrain was deader than a dead duck in the dead of the desert (we get it – ed.). Matter of fact, I was the only one who did the right thing – leave halfway and run for the private jet home. Someone has to keep his cool in this madhouse.

Which I can’t say for the rest of the circus. FOTA and the team bosses are suddenly all in favour of a mandatory second pitstop after voting it down just a few months ago. The rookies are screaming bloody murder, saying it’s not their fault so whatever you do, don’t punish us. The only ones who’re happy are Mr “Ferrari-Is-The-Best-Thing-That-Happened-In-My-Life” Alonso and Sir “Big Swinging Dick” Branson, for getting his wanky TV coverage.

Now let me get this straight. If anyone’s going to solve this mess, it’s not going to be the morons in FOTA, it’s not going to be the Einsteins that do the driving, it’s going to be me. Maybe I’ll bring in an outsider with a fresh mind, or maybe I’ll get Jean Todt to do it. Either way, the teams will be presented with a fait accompli (God I love using Latin) and they’ll have to bend over agree to it when the time comes.

And now let’s first await a few more races and see how bad it really is. Who knows, maybe Melbourne will offer a wee bit of entertainment after all.

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