Daily Archives: March 25, 2010

Dreaming about a proper US Grand Prix

A night race across the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, with the main part of the circuit running around Brooklyn. Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. Now there’s a sight to behold. Fabiana, bless her heart, has cleverly doctored a picture of the Singapore night race against an East River backdrop. Just planted the idea again in some journo’s mind.

Alas, it’s not going to happen. The Yanks are famous for not being able to get their automotive act together. Let’s face it, this is the country that produced the Pontiac Aztek. Plus, a night race would be great of cousre but at that time only non-F1-loving Americans are awake. Bloody Yanks, can’t even get their timezone right.


You can accuse them of a lot of things, but subtlety’s not one of them. Although Renault strenuously denies it, everybody knows Vitaly Petrov wouldn’t be in the team if it weren’t for 15 million Euros. And since comrad Vitaly’s disastrous first race the noise has gotten worse.

So articles like this one start appearing. Brilliant PR. The main message is the headline, as it should be: “Petrov is not your average F1 pay driver.” You bet he ain’t. But why?

Well, these are Russians, so in case you didn’t get it immediately they’re prepared to spell it out for you: “Vitaly has not come into F1 because of the money, but because of the strategic interests of various companies”. Oh, and because of his driving talent. Ahem.

Strategic interest of various companies. Umm, right. The Russian companies themselves are not being named at this stage, obviously. They’d like to stay in the background. (Where have I heard that before? Ah yes, my Dutch friends who bought Saab.) But Renault, and anybody who keeps spreading these vicious rumours about Petrov being a pay driver: you are officially warned now. Shut up.