Daily Archives: April 1, 2010

Just thought of a great F1 April Fools joke

Talk about potholes. Would be even nicer to sneak some real ones in here and there, so they don’t know which ones to avoid. Keep this in mind, laddies. I want to see no more Bahrains, or else.

Just arrived in Sepang…

… the only stretch of road in Malaysia without any potholes.

Other than that the place is still a dump. Gone to seed after twelve years of no maintenance. They’ve done up the paddock area a bit, thinking I wouldn’t notice how bad the rest is, but Boss Bernie has eyes everywhere (and an assistant who knows her way around the internets). I wasn’t born yesterday you know.

Photo is from last year but fortunately the weather’s still the same. At least that’ll save us another funeral procession on Sunday.

This Travolta thing has worked out very well

I’m getting a lot of excitement from people who saw John Travolta strutting around Albert Park like a peacock that just swallowed a particularly juicy earthworm. Wasn’t easy, you know. It’s a bit of a handful to have an overconfident narcissistic gazillionaire waving the Checkered Flag. But all in all it seems to be good for business, so it’s definitely worth repeating. Another Italian job for Charlize Theron, maybe?


Which reminds me, it’s another sign that Hollywood and F1 make a great combination. Rest assured, dear friends, there will be more of that in your future. Watch this space, as they say in Tinseltown.