Fabiana bought an iPad

Believe me, my friends, the girl is brilliant. Without her astuteness in all matters IT you would not be able to read this blog, share your thoughts with me on Twitter, or enjoy my Facebook page. (And please don’t ask me what all these things mean, but the younger generation seems to understand. Or, more appropriately, they ‘get it’, as Fabiana tells me.)

So now she’s bought this new gizmo. It’s called an ‘iPad’. Personally I think the practical joker who got away with giving it that name deserves a life size April Fools statue, but apparently here’s something the younger generation does not ‘get’. Language moves in mysterious ways.

Anyway, this new gadget consists only of a screen. There’s an on/off button and a volume control and that seems to be it. I have no idea what its possible uses could be but Fabiana keeps raving about the briliant user experience and the multi-touch gestures. Here’s another language generation gap for you: when I hear Fabiana use the word ‘multi-touch gestures’ I have immediate associations with other things than gadgets. Let’s leave it at that.

Be as it may, this iPad seems to be a big thing. Fabiana keeps trying to get me to use it. Fat chance, Fabiana. I was born before the war. The Second World War, that is. When I was a kid, people stuck their heads out of out of their windows when they heard a car come through the street. It’s already a miracle that I’m sitting behind this keyboard and communicating with you through the internets. Don’t push it. iPads are for IT minded girls. And boys too, maybe. I’m not sure.

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