25 Reasons to keep racing in Melbourne

Thanks to dear reader Lisa, who felt compelled to share this after our little insights into Australia’s brilliant way with tourism advertising.

FYI, like Ron Walker, our Melbourne circuit sits somewhere in the middle between convicts and giant spiders.

2 responses to “25 Reasons to keep racing in Melbourne

  1. Fake

    You’re being a bit silly on the Australia thing, you old fart. Its pompous up themselves rich bar stewards like you that run the place so I’m surprised your not more supportive. And that map thing is all wrong: the deadly jelly is in Queensland and where are your drop bears? And where you compare that to? Your old Blightly? Full of soggy Northamptonshire car parks, dilapidated aerodromes and weak dribbly rain. Much better I’m sure.

    Anyway, back to my Panzer’s. Shuies building up for a big one and I don’t mean a semi-pornagraphic publication that you’re into. Your brain’s a sewer. I should see if owners have got an old chamber that your mate Max could put you into.


  2. Dear Boss Sour Grapes Down Under,

    First, the ‘map thing’ isn’t a product of my admittedly rich imagination. Fake Fabiana has it from multiple sources on the Internets so it must be true.

    Second, you’re dead right about Old Blighty. Which is why that arid desert of yours will never even come close to our lovely little isles.

    And thirdly, I think your Fuehrer Shui is too busy getting his slaves to rebuild his car from scratch to come up with anything big anytime soon.

    A dirty mind is a joy forever. Which is why I’m probably having a lot more fun than you have with your sour grape soaked upper story. No offence intended, of course.

    Fake Bernie

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