Sometimes problems solve themselves

In the end I didn’t have to do anything. Jean called, said ‘Bernie, run that Briatore thing by me again, please.’

I said why, we discussed it not so long ago and I remember twelve gauge shotguns came up in conversation. Are you getting bored?

Jean Todt's softer side, with a bit of red in the background

He says no, but I’ve been thinking. Flavio’s suing, Symonds’s suing, we’re suing and revising our procedures to get their bans reinforced, this whole sorry mess will stay on the cards and who knows? Maybe one day the shit will fly as far as Alonso again. That’s not in the interest of Ferrari FIA.

I said, no it isn’t and by the way, did I hear you say Ferrari? He says, no I corrected myself, FIA, Ferrari, all sounds the same. You probably misheard.

I said I probably did. And you’re right, in the end it’s all the same anyway because what would F1 be without some red at the front of the field?

So here’s what you do: you turn his life time ban into something final, ending not too long from now. Say, end of 2011. Or better still, let him back into the other formulas by end of this year so he can practice a bit before jumping back in. You’ve got your punishment and he’s got his reinstatement. He’ll probably jump at it and if he doesn’t, I’ll whip him into shape. Job done.

He says that’s what I like about you, Bernie. You’re the elder statesman of F1, I have to speak only half a word and you’ll understand it all.

I said cheerio and hung up. I’m certain I heard two words rather than half a word, but sometimes it’s better to leave stuff unsaid. And we do need Ferrari somewhere near pole, don’t we?

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