“Financier de Légion d’Honneur”

As you probably know I don’t have much time for the Sir Big Swinging Dicks, Datuk Jean Todts, Ross Brawn KBEs and whatnot of this world. I mean, if you’ve got to get your jollies from somebody pinning a little tin plate on your chest and handing you a wanky diploma for your office wall, go ahead but don’t expect me to be impressed. At all. I mean, I couldn’t care less. (Enough already! We get it – ed.)

But once more I have to hand it to Tony Fernandes. Just got presented with the Legion d’Humeur or something, some wanky affair handed out by the French president to budget airline bosses. Look at him, the lad’s proud of his achievement. But then he shows off his certificate, complete with user manual:

Bull’s eye, Tony. Get Sarkozy to sign, then off to the banks.

Like I said before, that lad has a great future.

2 responses to ““Financier de Légion d’Honneur”

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