Daily Archives: May 13, 2010

I seem to have a fan club

Seen at the Barcelona Grand Prix. Who knew? It’s a good thing that I’m not easily flattered, otherwise I’d be, well, flattered. As long as they realise there’s only one real Fake  Bernie, and that’s me.

These are hard times…

… Even F1 billionaires have to pay bills, you know.

At least these DHL blokes know the drill. There’s only one Supremo who makes things happen in F1, and that’s me.

Back in action

I know, my friends, it’s been a while. Busy at work, renegotiating the Shanghai GP, defending The Neck against the bloodthirsty pack of media hounds, and battling it out with New Jersey politicians. These blokes fight without gloves, I can tell you! But they haven’t been up against Bernie yet, so watch this space.

Meanwhile, who can stay indoors when Monaco is about to happen? See you all at the One Race To Rule Them All, as they say in New Zealand.