Daily Archives: May 25, 2010

Jenson has finally come out of the closet

It was about time. You may have noticed that you rarely see anyone slipstream behind Jenson in training laps. In the paddock we call him the White Hurricane, and if you’re right behind him on the track you can’t see a thing. We used to joke that of all the drivers Jenson had the least to fear about the obligatory weighing after the race, with all the stuff he would’ve shed during the previous two hours.

So it’s a brilliant move of McLaren to nudge him towards a brand ambassadorship for Head&Shoulders of all brands.

Money quote: “Like the millions of British men who use it every day, it’s one of my grooming essentials. Whether I’m track side or in a tux, Head&Shoulders is an easy way to keep my hair flake-free, helping me to look and feel good every day.”

Well written by Procter&Gamble’s PR flacks, and it couldn’t be more true. I hope they don’t only pay him well but also keep him amply supplied with product.

It’s been sixty years now

… And what a ride it was. Sorry my friends for not having posted this weekend but I’ve been on what the Americans call a sentimental journey.

Last Saturday marked two significant events in F1 history: it was 60 years ago that the Monaco Grand Prix was included in the F1 Championship; and that very race was Ferrari’s entry into F1. There were no fewer than four 125F1s in that race, two run by Enzo’s Scuderia, and two by private drivers. Alfa Romeo won, but Alberto Ascari’s Scuderia car grabbed a podium with second place.

Of the three legends in F1 (Monaco, Ferrari and me) two were born that day. I was still practicing at Brands Hatch at the time, racing Cooper F3 cars with 500cc motorcycle engines. Those were the days, my friend. You just bought an engine and some tyres, stuck ’em on a Cooper chassis and Bob’s your uncle – you’re in the racing business. No wind tunnels or specially milled parts, no carbon fiber and no expensive engineers. Couple of hundred quid was enough to get you going.

Anyway, thank God those days are over. F1 is big business and there are more billions to be made. Don’t just sit there, be good boys and girls and swiftly go buy a ticket or wash your hair with Head&Shoulders.