Thanks Mark, for another great race

Everybody agreed Toronto Montreal was a great race because of tyre degradation, and many hoped that the Bridgestone lads would repeat the performance in Valencia. So much even that Bridgestone found it necessary to apologise in advance for an uneventful, Bahrain type race.

But thanks to Mark Webber the public got once again what it came for: great racing, and great spectacle. Although Heikki might disagree somewhat. (Thanks reader David, for the aptly chosen photo.)

2 responses to “Thanks Mark, for another great race

  1. While the tyres may have been degraded in Toronto, the race was on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Ile Notre Dame in Montreal.

  2. Thank you, dear Canuck. Where would an old man be without you? I’ve seen so many Grand Prix by now, they all seem to merge into one big track of degraded rubber.

    Note to self: check if we really did close that latest deal in Austin, Texas and not, say, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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