Beware of the WAGs

If you think F1 drivers are competitive, try their wives and girlfriends. The wussy war between Hamilton and Alonso, or even the major rows that good old Montoya used to get into with pretty much everyone else on the grid (I do miss him sometimes), it’s all child’s play compared to when the girls pick a fight. If you’re in the vicinity when that happens, then I have one advice: run!

So when Tony Fernandes asked Nico Rosberg’s WAG Vivian Sibold to do the interior design for the new Lotus motorhome, you could see the storm clouds building. The reason? Catherine Hyde, Heikki Kovalainen’s WAG.

We call them Dr Heikki and Mrs Hyde. If you were there when Catherine announced a while back they were planning to marry on October 10th of this year and Heikki said “But that’s a Sunday in the season,” you’d know what I mean. This is one WAG not to mess with. Poor Vivian did, ignored one of Mrs Hyde’s comments and never saw it coming.

Tony’s a fine lad, salt o’the Earth, but sometimes he can be a bit dense. All I can say is, I’d rather find myself in the middle of the track with 24 F1 cars headed towards me than stand in the line of fire between these two. And to make it worse, Vivian now comes to me for support.

I have an ex-wife, an assistant and a girlfriend. Believe me, that’s already more than I can handle. Photo shows me pleading with Vivian to keep me out of it (thanks to FakeVivian, for sending me this). I advise anyone to do the same.

2 responses to “Beware of the WAGs

  1. Good post my dear Bernard! Now everybody knows I’m the only clever WAG because I have a real job & I’m not a model 😉

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