Why does the blown diffuser bit remind me of Damon Hill?

I guess if opinions are like arseholes, blown opinions are like blown rear ends.

Case in question: rebuilding Silverstone. Was it only February when Hill was blowing nothing but criticism out of his rear end? What was it he said? “I have the idea of my perfect, fantasy track and that’s not what we are building.”

So now we’re in July and Mr Damon Baron von Munchhill is basking in the glory of the first Grand Prix on the new circuit. “I’ve just driven it and there are some lovely new corners. It’s going to be pretty exciting. It’s retained the high speed nature of Silverstone and there are some really great new places to watch from – you can tell that even when you’re driving around.

Keep going, Damon. You’re doing fine. Maybe a bit quick on the draw but you did get there in the end. I guess I’m the tortoise and you’re the hare, then.

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