Mark Webber: “I was just winging it”

Bumped into Mark, just after he cleared the air with Horner. So how did it go?

“Well Bernie,” he says, “I made it clear that I didn’t sign up to become Vettel’s wingman. Horner agreed completely, by the way. So that cleared the air. He said, for me you two are exactly alike. So I said, you mean like I’m a dead winger? Tell ya mate, the bloke’s got no sense of humour. He says, Mark, this is a serious subject. Not a time for jokes.

“So I said, no problem Christian, I was just winging it. Just like when I made that ‘number two driver’ remark. No skin off my nose. So to cut a long story short, he promised not to try to clip my wings any more, and I promised not to make any more puns. Good on ya, mate.”

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