Daily Archives: July 19, 2010

Moscow F1 street circuit map

Here it is, an exclusive for you, my dear readers. As I said, it’s against my principles but since the Russians have blurted it out anyway, I guess the cat’s out of the bag.

So for everyone who wants to know how those magnificent men and their flying machines will hurtle themselves through the streets of Moscow – as long as my demands are being met, of course – drool away. On your own screens, please.

Mark Webber’s rear-view mirror

Called me up in the middle of the night. Bernie, he says, I’m tossing and turning, need to talk to someone. You’re a man of the world, help me out here.

Of course Mark, I say. Anything for my favourite title candidate. What can I do you for?

Bernie, he says, I’m getting paranoid. Take for instance my rear-view mirror. We got new ones in Silverstone, nothing special. But there’s a label that wasn’t there before. I’ll MMS you a pic.

Mark, I say, that’s a very ordinary warning label. Surely you’ve seen those before? He says yes, I know, but why on my car, and why now? Is it a signal? Are they telling me Seb’s the fav, get out of the way when you see him? Are they sneakily messing with my mind?

You’re seeing ghosts, I tell him. Go to sleep. Forget about the likes of Chris Horner and Dr Strangelove. Think of seeing Lewis right above that text in the rear-view. It’ll make you feel a lot better.

From Russia with love

The news is out. Yesterday the McLaren boys livened up Moscow with a spin around the Kremlin, and my good friend Vladimir Makarov literally unfolded his plans for a street circuit. Shown here proudly waving the map under the watchful eye of some of his track marshals.

Personally I prefer keeping these things out of the press until the deal’s been done. Just to be clear: this deal is not done. The race can still go to a purpose built circuit. I couldn’t care less, as long as it’s something with fences around it so people have to pay a lot to get in. Mind you, I’m saying this on behalf of the organiser, since we’ll take the money up front anyway. It’s his job to see if he can wriggle it out of two hundred thousand wallets or so.

Which brings me to the third possibility, that the Moscow race is not going to happen at all. If Vladimir wants to make a fool of himself by announcing something that still has to come true, that’s his business. It only makes my negotiating job easier.

Funny enough, other people who realise this a well as I do, are Continue reading