Mark Webber’s rear-view mirror

Called me up in the middle of the night. Bernie, he says, I’m tossing and turning, need to talk to someone. You’re a man of the world, help me out here.

Of course Mark, I say. Anything for my favourite title candidate. What can I do you for?

Bernie, he says, I’m getting paranoid. Take for instance my rear-view mirror. We got new ones in Silverstone, nothing special. But there’s a label that wasn’t there before. I’ll MMS you a pic.

Mark, I say, that’s a very ordinary warning label. Surely you’ve seen those before? He says yes, I know, but why on my car, and why now? Is it a signal? Are they telling me Seb’s the fav, get out of the way when you see him? Are they sneakily messing with my mind?

You’re seeing ghosts, I tell him. Go to sleep. Forget about the likes of Chris Horner and Dr Strangelove. Think of seeing Lewis right above that text in the rear-view. It’ll make you feel a lot better.

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