Korea Empty Valley

Had a word with Charlie Whiting yesterday, about Korea. He’s just been there for a site visit. So how’s it going in the Korea Auto Valley, Charlie?

“Great, Bernie.” He says. These Koreans know how to build. They’re not ready yet but they’ll get there in time. Beautiful site, in the middle of nowhere so nothing to stop them from finishing in time. No worries.”

That’s Charlie alright. Send him in to do the job, he’ll do the job. Inspect construction progress? Done. But will he see the big picture? No he won’t. That’s what Supremos are for, of course.

So do I worry? Of course I do. Do you see the artist impression Charlie got from the Koreans? Do you see what’s wrong with it?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it: it has people in it. This thing is being built in South Korea, a country where no one has the faintest clue about Formula One, or even motor racing. They make Kias. Their automotive ignorance is only surpassed by North Korea. So how many Koreans will undertake the 200 mile expedition from Seoul?

Even worse, how many of our loyal fans will be able to find it? It’s a nine hour flight from any place that has F1 regulars. At that brings you to Seoul. From there it’s another four hour trip to Kimchi or whatever the place is called. That is, if you can find it. I’ve been to Seoul and trust me, it’s a place with only Korean characters. Not to mention a total absence of F1 promotion.

Here’s a picture of the Shanghai circuit on a Friday morning. That’s what the Korea Auto Valley will look like.

God knows what made us agree to this in the first place. Even a Supremo makes mistakes.

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