Young Man Go West

Enough with all this navel gazing. Here it is: the first purpose-built US F1 circuit. Behold the site of the future Austin, Texas Grand Prix.

It’s becoming a little tradition on this blog to give you the scoop on future circuit plans. I will admit to you, my dear readers, it’s my favourite pastime: planning and negotiating new and exciting races.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of charting the course of F1’s future. Finding new places to plan F1 races, developing the plans, finding a sucker to guarantee the money up front negotiating the deal that will make it all possible. Unlike other parts of my job it’s very grateful work.

This is what the plot looks like right now. It’s called Wandering Creek, in a Godforsaken backwater called Elroy. Try to picture the transformation this little parcel of land will go through. Can you imagine when Hermann Tilke will be done with it? Acres of tarmac, smooth as baby skin, gorgeous grandstands, a posh pit building, luxurious quarters for the Supremo and his guests.

Tavo’s going to announce it later today. It’s his baby, so I won’t steal any more of his show. After all, it was his very first real estate investment. He’s quite proud of it, and rightly so: not many people see such a quick rise in value for the first land they ever buy.

A true entrepreneur. Reminds me of myself fifty years ago.

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