You’re the boss

I’ve been reading all these blog comments on the Ferrari team order brouhaha, and it’s amazing how quickly people seem to end up with blaming me.

Just to avoid any misunderstanding: I’m the Formula One Supremo. I’m not the boss of everything in F1. There’s a difference. Let me explain.

To begin with, I don’t call the shots in the teams. That’s the job of the team bosses. So if Ferrari issues team orders, it’s types like Luca di Montezemelemololo or Stefano Domenicali who are responsible for that. Not me. I may have an opinion about it (more about that later), but that’s another matter.

If you are now wondering who’s the real boss in Formula One if it isn’t me, just look at my simple F1 organisation chart. It’s you.

You, my beloved legion of fans, my loyal audience, are the real boss. So everything that happens in F1 is ultimately your responsibility. I’m merely the humble Supremo who does your bidding and makes sure, one way or another, that the rest falls in line.

But Bernie, I hear you ask, you have never had a real education. How did you arrive at this bold conclusion? What kind of management theory underpins your statement? Well, my friends, I have a simple answer for that too. For I am above all a practical person. It is strict adherence to management practice that has brought me to where I am now. And management practice can be described in two words: Follow The Money.

Alright, three words, but you get my drift. So the real F1 organisation chart looks like this:

You, my beloved bosses, give me money. I keep a little bit for myself and give the rest to the team bosses. They keep a bit of that for themselves and for running their teams, and give the rest to the drivers. The drivers are at the bottom of the chart, so they get to keep everything that’s left.

Which brings me to the heart of the matter. The drivers are at the bottom of the chart. So the natural order of things is that they just do as they’re told by the teams. It’s called team orders.

Simply put, the FIA should stop running interference and let the team bosses do what they’re there for: issue team orders to the drivers. But I’m just the Supremo, of course. It’s your call.

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