Korea explosive? Not the way you think

People keep buggering me about this Korean Grand Prix. Either it’s the threat of war, or delays in construction, or both.

As always it’s the journos that cause it, of course. In my youth we used to call this time of year cucumber time, the season when newspapers got so desperate that even cucumbers would make headlines. Or something to that effect. Nothing to report so let’s make some news ourselves.

Truth is, there’s little to report here. Construction’s on time and Koreans are deadline junkies anyway. Blimey, they even found time to design a new logo with a Croatian flag in it. Don’t tell the Croatians, or we’ll have another war on our hands.

Speaking of which, there’s the other bit that the journos always bring up. Sponsors, fans and the lot would stay away because of the threat of war.

Listen, journos: this is Korea. There are two of them, a North one and a South one. So there’s always a threat of war. It’s been there since 1853 or so. So please stop bothering me about the so-called explosive situation on the Korean peninsula.

Funny enough, the journos happen to be right on that last bit. Some moron has imported a couple of tons of refrigerant from China that’s been contaminated with an explosive. It’s been put into 60,000 cars. It’s very hot over there and they’re all in danger of blowing up.

So when you go there, fly into Seoul and then take the train. Otherwise you’ll be fine.

3 responses to “Korea explosive? Not the way you think

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