Mark Webber the management guru

First I get this publicity photo in the mail, next thing I know Mark calls me. “Bernie, d’you think this looks corporate enough?”

Mark, I tell him, if a Hugo Boss perfume ad looks corporate, then yes this is corporate. And if the toy-boy-with-a-five-o’clock-shadow isn’t what you have in mind, then why don’t you just try a white Emporio Armani shirt, black slacks and tie? Always works for me.

He says, no offence Bernie but you always dress the same. Not my style. Plus, I have different lives now.

How so, Mark?

Bernie mate, believe me or not but I’ve become a bit of a management guru. I’ve made it all the way to the Harvard Business Review. Have you heard of it? It’s the most prestigious management rag in the world, and I’m a business case! How’s that for recognition?

This makes me feel proud. I may not be a team boss any more, but my drivers are a bit like my children. Great to see them moving up in the world. And you’re right Mark, shirt and tie is for old farts like me.

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