The new edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English is out, and the vuvuzela steals the show. Most of the rest is a result of either climate change or the credit crunch. Nothing spectacular there, if you ask me.

Perhaps that’s why speculation is already rife about next year’s new entries. Well, my friends, I have a candidate: ecclestoning.

Ecclestoning is what’s done to visionary people who make a simple sport a runaway, global success, without paying too much attention to whingers and whiners along the way. Everybody becomes rich and famous but the whingers and whiners, vindictive and jealous malcontents as they are by nature, make a life’s effort of trying to stone the visionary for his efforts.

The visionary on his part has no choice but to become filthy rich in the process, as the continuous effort to escape stoning makes for a very expensive lifestyle. Private jets to stay ahead of the pack, super yachts for the quiet holidays along the Adriatic coast, and bodyguards to keep the malcontents at bay.

See here the story of my life. I’ve spent a lifetime bringing a bit of discipline to a bunch of highway robbers team bosses, extracting money from race organisers and charging through the roof for broadcasting and advertising rights. The result is the greatest show on Earth, a traveling circus of twelve high-tech enterprises that thrill worldwide audiences with breakneck speeds and human willpower beyond belief. And a small sprinkling of team orders, but that’s a detail. And in the middle of it all, good old Bernie, whose sole purpose in life is manning the cash register and taking the flak.

But no more, my friends and financial supporters. May this blog be the first evidence of that. No longer will I light my candle and put it under a bushel. (I have no idea what that means but it sounds meaningful and Fabiana said she’d read it somewhere.) 2010 Is showing you the new Bernie, a Bernie with a voice of his own, who throws a few rocks of his own when the situation calls for it.

I’ve told Fabiana and she was quite taken by this. Turns out she knows some people in the US who had a hand in designing the Obama Election campaign. She had one of them design a portrait to mark the new Bernie’s birth.

Obama is a socialist, of course, but he definitely employs some creative people. I do recognise myself in this. So here we are. No more ecclestoning.

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