Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

The Stig’s new gig

Some lunatic in Buckinghamshire has stuck a dinner table on a Reliant Scimitar chassis with an eye on breaking the world speed record for a piece of furniture. (Yes, there is one.) Somehow the Stig seems to be involved in it.

Apparently the thing can do 130 mph. The dishes are sitting on nifty little elevators. Headlights live under the fruits and the sweets, the driver can stick his head out from the middle of the table, under the roast turkey.

So no, the Stig’s not the one behind the wheel. He’s just having dinner.

Karun’s Korean lap record

In this video it’s 2m16s, not counting the 52 hour round trip to the place. May sound unimpressive but hey, it was done on all terrain tyres. Don’t ask. He also had to drive carefully, because of the 2ft high kerbstones.

But it’s a lap record, and it has Karun’s name on it, at least till October 22nd Or else, November 26th. Keep your fingers crossed and if you buy a ticket, make sure it’s refundable.