Lewis is getting worried

Lewis on his way to work

Apparently our warning about revoking F1 licences for bad boys has struck home. Lewis is pissed off. He called me about it.

“This kinda limits my options, Bernie. You can take the boy out of F1, but you can’t take F1 out of the boy. What if I get another ticket? Can they really revoke my F1 licence? How fast can I speed without them doing that?”

Lewis, I say, if you don’t trust yourself, why don’t you let someone else drive?

“Let someone else drive? Like who? Nicole? Get real. Doing 300 an hour on a race track is less dangerous than sitting next to her in anything with an accelerator pedal. You can’t be serious. And I really think they’re picking on me here. It’s just not fair, is it?”

Well, Lewis, can’t help you there I’m afraid. In the words of the famous actor Don Johnson: send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. Just stay clear of the coppers.

2 responses to “Lewis is getting worried

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