Rare sighting of groveling pundit

Sports pundits are like locusts. They fly long distances in great swarms, descend en masse on an event, gnaw it to the bone and then leave as quickly as they came. F1 seems to get more of them every year.

But a groveling pundit is a rare sight. Behold David Coulthard, who joined the swarm last April, in this week’s column in the Telegraph. Coulthard is eating his words from the beginning of the season, when he predicted that Max’s rule changes would put the audience to sleep while the drivers were desperately trying to stay awake behind the wheel. He couldn’t’ve been more wrong.

Max loves this, of course. Loves groveling too, even likes to do it himself every now and then. Came to see me, waving the newspaper in my face. “Vengeance is mine,” he said in that weird voice of his, the one he also uses when he talks about punishment. “The righteous shall win, and those who defied them shall be punished!”

Well, that last bit remains to be seen. Ferrari at least seems to’ve escaped the wrath of the righteous. Didn’t mention that, of course.

3 responses to “Rare sighting of groveling pundit

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