Daily Archives: September 21, 2010

A Maldives Grand Prix. Why not?

Jean Todt’s been visiting Peru. Or was it Bolivia? Anyway, seems he had a
Presidential cuppa in the Presidential Palace
and this simple fact has set the journo crowd completely abuzz.

Will there be a Peruvian Grand Prix? Or Bolivian, I mean? Or even a Gran Precio de las Americas? Fodder for another score of articles and blog posts, each one copying the other. It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to get the swarm of locusts going.

Here’s a nice one for you: I’m thinking about a holiday in the Maldives. Now isn’t that a nice place for a Grand Prix? Forget about 20 races. Let’s go for 40!

Tilke’s already done a little artist’s impression. Looks great, doesn’t it? Long live the rumour mill. Journos be grateful, I just did you another favour.

India looks good

Stopover in Delhi on the way to Sing, did a quick run around the construction site, just to let the lads know the master’s keeping an eye on progress. On the way there I saw at least a million ticket-buyers-to-be. And no, it was not a rickshaw ride like this one.

A circuit under construction surrounded by a billion new fans always gets me in a good mood, so I was nice to the Times of India journo that wanted to interview me. Had a bit of fun with him, too. Told him I actually thought sixteen races was an ideal season. Twenty is plenty, I said, and the bugger penned it down dutifully. That’ll get the rumour mill going.

You can just wait for the nervous circuit owners to start calling me. And lovely calls they will be. “Bernie, you’ll keep some room for us on the calendar, won’t you?” “An F1 season without [fill in Hellhole with a claim to fame] is utterly unthinkable, isn’t it Bernie?” Believe me, this is going to make the next set of negotiations a lot easier. Yes, it was a fine day.

And now off to another great night race in Singapore.