Daily Archives: September 26, 2010

So now I’ve become a tour guide

I shouldn’t’ve made that joke about the Maldives. All of a sudden every politician and their brother are all over me because their bloody backwater is supposed to be an ideal venue for the next Grand Prix.

Here’s just another day in the Singapore paddock: I’ve got a Chicago politician in tow, some Russian Deputy Prime Minister whose name is Dimitri Cossack (I’m not making this up), and a Prime Minister of Mauritius whose name I won’t even begin to pronounce. All three are eager to impress me with their countries’ prowess, and the countless millions of locals that are supposedly pining to have two dozen racing machines screaming through their respective neighbourhoods. On top of that, the Chicago pol has a really crappy camera.

But who knows what the future holds? Hard to tell if, silly as it may seem now, Continue reading

Massa has a plan

Starting from the back, on a narrow street circuit, with a car that’s markedly faster than at least half the field before you: what’s a second driver to do?

Domenicali was very clear: Felipe, you have to get to the front as quickly as possible because Alonso needs all the help he can get. So there was only one answer, really. The engineers worked through the night, and here it is.

Brilliant. Also takes care of the Singapore Sling, so kills two birds with one stone. Not sure it’s legal, though.

But hey, it’s Ferrari.

Singapore Sling, the silent killer

This may sound silly, but I’m actually starting to believe Singaporeans do have a sense of humour. Well, sort of.

How else to explain continued efforts to turn the Turn 10 chicanes into an ideal launch platform for F1 cars and then consistently start calling it Singapore Sling?

Mark my words and pay attention during the second half of today’s race, when those still in the fight for the title but not in front have to take a bit more risk. Or maybe an audacious midfielder who wants to get ahead in the world.

As a Frenchman would say: eet’s a game of chicane.