All right, here it is, once and for all

A lot of people called to wish me well, some sincere, some not. I positively loathe this business when people you hardly know phone you up and start to tell you how deeply they feel for you. In most cases I can just tell seconds into the call how insincere the bloke on the other end is.

The most common giveaway is when they want you to go into details about what exactly happened. The French call it schadenfreude and it ain’t pretty. Someone else’s suffering is one of the most popular sources of entertainment. It happened to him, which makes me extra lucky it didn’t happen to me. Call me a cynic, but it’s true.

So here we go:

For all you schadenfreude morons: here it is. My black eye in all its glory. So please stop calling. You can just gape at my blog, drool your little hearts out and be done with it.

Ah, the marvels of modern technology.

3 responses to “All right, here it is, once and for all

  1. Fake Bernie Ecclestone, you should have read my fake blog about how to stay safe in London! Then maybe this fake mugging would never have happened.

  2. schadenfreude isn’t french …
    But as Felipe Massa’s manager Nicolas Todt recently warned, tough economic times mean talent alone is not necessarily enough. You need funding too. Can’t wait to see F1 2011 with more bling bling on your arm.

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