Enough already. Time to sharpen the knives

I know, I know. Haven’t been blogging for quite a while. But now I’m in KL, visiting my first race of the season, I couldn’t help it. I had to break the silence.

That silence was Fabiana’s idea, really. Said we drew too much attention and that brought the muggers upon us. Bullshit, of course, but what can one do? You can’t argue with women. At least, I can’t. Problem is, I’m a negotiator. One of the best, I might say, and I’ve got the billions to prove it. But arguing with women is not like negotiating. They’re simply not receptive to it. Their brains work differently. Which is why they don’t run F1.

But I do. Not the FIA, not the teams. Me.

Especially not the teams, by the way. These blokes are good at two things: racing; and finding exceptions to rules. And the worst thing you can do is leaves the making of the rules to those who love to break them. This may sound like an open door to you and me, but funny enough, there’re a lot of people out there who see it differently. People like Jean Todt, ex Ferrari and don’t you forget it for a moment; McLaren’s Charlie Whitmarsh; and all the other bloody team honchos.

So here I am, before things’re getting further out of hand. Someone has to sound the alarm bells if the fox is making another move to run the chicken coop, or put out the fires when the teams light them, just to see what happens. Or even to start fires when no one else does it, but that’s another matter.

And then there’s the money. Not that it’s the most important thing, although my venture capital friends at CVC, who own half the sports, would think differently. To them, money’s everything. To me, it doesn’t matter at all. The only thing that matters is power. It really has to be clear who runs the joint, and that’s me. No one else. There is only one F1 Supremo, and his name is Bernard Ecclestone. ‘Mr E’ to insiders. And ‘Bernie’ to friends, except I have no friends.

2011 and 2012 are important years for the sport. There’s a new agreement coming up to divvy up all the proceed, a couple of, oh, tens of billions or so. It has to be in place by the end of 2012. And believe you me, knives are being sharpened.

So I’m back. Actually, I never left. And I never will. Don’t kid yourself.

Let the race begin.

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