The Forces of Evil are gathering

I re-watched Lord of the Rings the other day. Why is this relevant? Because it very much resembles what’s happening around F1 right now.

You’ve got this Evil Eye sitting on some bloody mountain. It wants to take over the world and has found a lackey in the person of the evil wizard Rupert Murdoch, seen here staring at his management reporting screen. The Evil Eye in the distance might be John ‘Sauron’ Elkann but I’m not sure yet. I will be if it indeed turns out to be true that his transsexual cocaine laced brother Lapo gets the keys to Ferrari. God help us all when that happens.

Welcome to my world. Really, you don’t make these things up.

Anyway, I had a quick talk with my old friend Luca ‘Da Godfather’ Montezemelemololo, not so long ago. Asked him if it was true. No Bernie, he said, it’s not. ‘Not at all, or not yet?’ I asked. ‘Indeed,’ he said. I hate it when he does that. Says something completely meaningless and makes it sound like the final verdict at the same time. End of conversation. A wee bit of gravitas does the rest. This is how Italians make a bloody mess of their own place and still get elected for high international finance positions.

Rupert and one of his merchant bankers

Meanwhile, Rupert seems to be busy gathering his troops. Latest news is he’s found reinforcements in the form of a bunch of New York orcs merchant bankers to make sure he has enough financial firepower once the battle lines have been drawn.

Which won’t be for a while. The final battle for Middle Earth Racing won’t take place before mid 2012. And believe me, evil forces, I’ll be ready for you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

One response to “The Forces of Evil are gathering

  1. ferrariforlife

    The question is, if Formula 1 ever changed hands, what would you do with your free time? 😉

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