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No more Red Bullshit please

I know, I know, by posting this I do exactly what everybody should stop doing. Seriously, people, is there nothing else to write about F1, the greatest sport spectacle in the world?

Frankly, if you want to know why I keep saying we should revv up to 24 races per season, here’s one of the biggest reasons why: it keeps the period between races to a minimum so the inspiration-starved journos don’t need as long to move on to the next subject. For chrissakes, how long has it been, bit more than a week now? It seems like a month.

Listen everybody, the definitive article on Webber vs Vettel was written four days ago. Great job by my favourite old hack Kevin Eason, leaves nothing to be said. End of discussion.

Who said we needed rain?

The lads are finally showing they can do some overtaking on dry. Mostly at the cost of old Schumi.

Now that’s what lap charts should look like.

Hamilton and Vettel behave like Shanghai taxi drivers…

… on their way in and out of the pit lane. Wheel to wheel, although the lads still have a lot to learn from the taxi drivers in this city.

Looking at an alternative calendar for 2010

In case the Iceland volcano keeps on spewing ash, here’s an alternative schedule for the 2010 Grand Prix:








This brings us to June and then we’ll see further. I’ve just booked my suite in the Four Seasons in Pu Xi for another month.

Don’t try this at home, laddies

At least that’s the advice we’re getting from The Sun after Sebastian Buemi’s mishap at the Shanghai circuit today. Kid me not. It’s not often you see two front wheels simultaneously jump off the car as if they’re trying to escape from impending disaster.

Although it was a wee bit funny when the camera switched immediately afterwards to the driver’s point of view and we could see Seb frantically trying to steer the car without any wheels to steer it with.

I know the feeling. You get yourself into a bit of a pickle and there’s nothing you can do any more but watch the drama unfolding. Life can be frustrating that way.