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Texas taxpayers, thank you very much

I know these are difficult times. You’ve been bailing out banks, car companies and insurance conglomerates, to the tune of trillions of dollars. You’ve been hit by a recession, you’re almost singlehandedly supporting two wars and now there’s a whole gulf to clean up as well. Sometimes I wonder how you manage. I’m glad I’m not an economist.

That’s why I appreciate it all the more that you still can find time and the odd couple of millions to make sure we at Formula One Management have enough income from the new US Grand Prix. Starting a whole new event is risky, especially in view of the fact that you need to guarantee our annual 25 million dollar fee before a single ticket has been sold. I know, that doesn’t make it any easier.

But in the spirit of the true American entrepreneur you’ll go for it, against all odds. I appreciate that, I really do. You see, I too was once an entrepreneur. Now I’m a billionaire Formula One supremo and I’m glad I don’t need to take that kind of risk any more.

It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.

Thought I was in Turkey but everybody kept going on about the US race

I’d really wish there were as much interest in US F1 inside the US as there seems to be outside of it. Everybody and his mate keeps buggering me about Austin, Texas. Why Austin? Why not Monticello or Las Vegas? Is it a done deal? Will they be able to build a circuit? If so, where?

Listen, my friends: the way it works is this. I do the deal, others do the homework. And I only do the deal if I trust the blokes who were supposed to do the homework to’ve done it properly. It’s that simple. Plus, there has to be enough money in it of course, but that’s stating the bleedin’ obvious. We’re talking F1 here, the biggest money machine in sports. So Tavo Hellmund says he’s done the homework, and since I’ve known his father since we were both wearing plus-fours I trust him. End of story. The rest I leave to the experts. Full throttle, my boys!

I’m not one to care much for justification after the fact anyway. Austin in the middle of three big population centres?If you say so. City of 1.3 million people with the right demography? Demography’s fine by me. Republicans would’ve been fine too.

Most important thing is, the money’s on the table and a group of people I trust is busy making it work. That’s why I went into business with Tavo, and in case you were wondering, that’s why Hermann Tilke is the one designing the circuit. Tried and trusted, is my motto.

That’s how you become a supremo, and that’s how you stay one.