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To Schumi’s defence

When you’re as old as I am, you recognise a lynch mob when you see one. And I’m seeing one right before my eyes.

It’s been half a week now since Bully-gate and the crowd only seems to gather. Look, an injustice being done! And there’s a villain too! A celebrity no less! A seven-time World Champion!

Look, my friends, I’m not trying to play down what Michael tried to do to Rubens last Sunday. Indeed, I made a bit of fun of him myself because of it. But let’s not exaggerate things. Yes, he was out of line and he’s been punished for it with ten grid places which means, given the dreadful Mercedes he’s driving, that next race he’ll probably start from the back. End of story.

For those who nevertheless keep on trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill I have one word: Ayrton Senna. OK, two words, but you get my drift.

Ayrton is seen by many (including me) as the Greatest Driver That Ever Was and an enormous number of people still worship the ground that he has walked on, God bless his soul. A lot of those people conveniently forget Continue reading

I miss Gerhard Berger

Ron Dennis got into a little bit of hot water after pulling a practical joke on Eddie Jordan the other day. Word is he disconnected Eddie’s earpiece in the middle of a BBC broadcast. Eddie was ‘spitting feathers’ and the BBC wants an apology.

Oh my. And this passes for a practical joke these days? Ron of all people should know better. He was there, during the legendary times when Gerhard Berger ruled the roost. You didn’t mess with Gerhard. And you certainly didn’t want to come off too seriously when Gerhard was around. Gerhard would know what to do.

For one thing, you’d better not show off your new attache case to Gerhard during a helicopter ride, telling him how tough it is. Is it? said Gerhard, and chucked it out of the heli. Continue reading