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Talking about cucumbers

I mentioned cucumber time in my previous post. It’s when journos are bored stiff, and desperate because they’ve nothing to report.

This year seems to be particularly bad. Yesterday the poor lads at the Beeb were so bleedin’ bored that they actually made a 1m45s video item (more than the average lap in a Grand Prix) reporting the following:

  1. The other day there was a stag party where people went naked. (30s)
  2. Look, here they are. A boat full of naked people. (15s)
  3. Look, the newspapers have it too. They show the same shot of a boat full of naked people. (15s)
  4. Radio Bristol had a quick chat with the groom who was on the boat full of naked people. (15s)
  5. Listen to the groom saying, yes we went on a boat and it was full of naked people. (15s)
  6. (Morale – it’s the BBC after all) If you go on a stag party, don’t go on a boat full of naked people. (15s)