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More Clint Eastwood wisdom in action

Maybe I should quit reading F1 news and commentaries. Especially the latter. I thought we’d reached the end of the line on the Webber-Vettel circus when Max weighed in, but a day later another voice from the past reared its ugly head. (I know, I always mix metaphors when I’m pissed off.)

Jos Verstappen. Says Vettel’s to blame and it’s political. For those who don’t know: Verstappen is a failed F1 driver who left the field almost a decade ago. We used to call him the ‘gravel specialist’ because that’s where he spent most of his racing time.

Listen to old Clint, Jos. Go back to whatever you’re doing these days: “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

Clint Eastwood was right

‘Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one.’ If you thought you’d heard everyone’s arsehole on the Webber-Vettel incident by now, think again.

Last week it was Max’s turn. He should know better as he’s a past master of the ‘play the journos’ game, but apparently when some German rag interviewed him he couldn’t contain himself. Makes him look pathetic, of course. He’s stepped aside, enjoying retirement (in his dungeon, I bet) and pretending he doesn’t want to reign over his grave. And here he is, showing off his German and throwing his weight around over a little incident well after everybody else has weighed in. Probably has to do with his being thick as thieves with Red Bull’s owner, Dietrich Mateschitz.

I had him on the phone shortly after, asked him how’s life with your nose up Mateschitz’s arse? I could hear him smile, and he said “Come on, Bernie, you should know better than that. I form my own opinions, and in this case mine just happens to coincide with Dietrich’s.”

“Dietrich’s.” This tells me volumes. He’s up to one of his little games again. Mark my words, we haven’t heard the last of this.

“Accuse me of imperfection at your peril”

He hasn’t really changed, has he?

Which begs the question, what’s he doing down there then? If it’s not the Grand Master himself, that leaves either the car or the points system. But don’t quote me.