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A Maldives Grand Prix. Why not?

Jean Todt’s been visiting Peru. Or was it Bolivia? Anyway, seems he had a
Presidential cuppa in the Presidential Palace
and this simple fact has set the journo crowd completely abuzz.

Will there be a Peruvian Grand Prix? Or Bolivian, I mean? Or even a Gran Precio de las Americas? Fodder for another score of articles and blog posts, each one copying the other. It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to get the swarm of locusts going.

Here’s a nice one for you: I’m thinking about a holiday in the Maldives. Now isn’t that a nice place for a Grand Prix? Forget about 20 races. Let’s go for 40!

Tilke’s already done a little artist’s impression. Looks great, doesn’t it? Long live the rumour mill. Journos be grateful, I just did you another favour.

I miss Gerhard Berger

Ron Dennis got into a little bit of hot water after pulling a practical joke on Eddie Jordan the other day. Word is he disconnected Eddie’s earpiece in the middle of a BBC broadcast. Eddie was ‘spitting feathers’ and the BBC wants an apology.

Oh my. And this passes for a practical joke these days? Ron of all people should know better. He was there, during the legendary times when Gerhard Berger ruled the roost. You didn’t mess with Gerhard. And you certainly didn’t want to come off too seriously when Gerhard was around. Gerhard would know what to do.

For one thing, you’d better not show off your new attache case to Gerhard during a helicopter ride, telling him how tough it is. Is it? said Gerhard, and chucked it out of the heli. Continue reading

Sometimes problems solve themselves

In the end I didn’t have to do anything. Jean called, said ‘Bernie, run that Briatore thing by me again, please.’

I said why, we discussed it not so long ago and I remember twelve gauge shotguns came up in conversation. Are you getting bored?

Jean Todt's softer side, with a bit of red in the background

He says no, but I’ve been thinking. Flavio’s suing, Symonds’s suing, we’re suing and revising our procedures to get their bans reinforced, this whole sorry mess will stay on the cards and who knows? Maybe one day the shit will fly as far as Alonso again. That’s not in the interest of Ferrari FIA.

I said, no it isn’t and by the way, did I hear you say Ferrari? He says, no I corrected myself, FIA, Ferrari, all sounds the same. You probably misheard.

I said I probably did. And you’re right, in the end it’s all the same anyway because what would F1 be without some red at the front of the field?

So here’s what you do: Continue reading