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Just got back from Korea

Or rather, got back a few days ago. Accompanied by a rather nasty bug, too. Put me out of action for a full three days. I’ll spare you the details.

“Yung-Cho,” I said in very clear terms, “I’m a fish and chips man myself. Any day, with a good dose of vinegar to keep your bowels clean, is my motto.” But being a hard headed Korean, he didn’t take the hint.

“Bernie,” he kept saying, “There’s no way you can visit Korea without having some kimchi. We live and die by it. Try it, please. It’s the most healthy food there is.” And I in my stupidity had to give in. Healthy food my arse. No pun intended. What was I thinking?

Oh and the circuit? Not to worry. It’ll all be ready on time. And ‘headed in the right direction’, whatever that means. At least, that’s the boilerplate I agreed to in my hurry to get on the plane, back to English cuisine and civilisation.

But let’s say I didn’t rush off to kimchi-land for nought. We’ll see.