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Just heard the magic words

There’s always a point in the race where the commentator uses the words “all the way to the checkered flag.” We just reached that point. This one’s in the bag for the Red Bull lads, apparently. Except for Alonso blowing up his engine, that is. But that didn’t matter much anyway. F1 Supremo checking out.

The rain I ordered is not being delivered…

… And I was really clear about it. I guess it’s time to become more serious about these Chinese rain cannon. You can’t trust the climate these days,

Schumacher is not amused

Just heard some ugly sounds from the Mercedes garage. His Nibs is not happy with his car breaking down. Something tells me there’ll be Hell to pay. Let’s just hope he won’t go to the Ferrari garage after this, to get some decent Italian food and avoid the Mercedes soup nazi. He might run into Alonso again.

About to start the Malaysian Grand Prix

Comfortably settled in my pit lane suite, it’s dry for the moment but we’re looking forward to an interesting race nevertheless. I’ve told everyone I’ve ordered rain for 4.15PM and they seem to believe me. Amazing how much weight your average F1 supremo carries these days.

Looking forward to another live blogging race, set up by my lovely Fabiana.

Just arrived in Sepang…

… the only stretch of road in Malaysia without any potholes.

Other than that the place is still a dump. Gone to seed after twelve years of no maintenance. They’ve done up the paddock area a bit, thinking I wouldn’t notice how bad the rest is, but Boss Bernie has eyes everywhere (and an assistant who knows her way around the internets). I wasn’t born yesterday you know.

Photo is from last year but fortunately the weather’s still the same. At least that’ll save us another funeral procession on Sunday.