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Mark Webber, snookered

Well put, Mark. Couldn’t’ve said it better myself.

Meanwhile, don’t take this too literally please, tomorrow during the start.

Beware of the WAGs

If you think F1 drivers are competitive, try their wives and girlfriends. The wussy war between Hamilton and Alonso, or even the major rows that good old Montoya used to get into with pretty much everyone else on the grid (I do miss him sometimes), it’s all child’s play compared to when the girls pick a fight. If you’re in the vicinity when that happens, then I have one advice: run!

So when Tony Fernandes asked Nico Rosberg’s WAG Vivian Sibold to do the interior design for the new Lotus motorhome, you could see the storm clouds building. The reason? Catherine Hyde, Heikki Kovalainen’s WAG.

We call them Dr Heikki and Mrs Hyde. Continue reading

Just had breakfast with Ross

I said, don’t you need to be in the pit garage right now? He says yes, but we still have that German caterer, you know, the Soup Nazi? Tried to get rid of him for a long time now but the problem is, he’s Mercedes approved. Had to file a request through Norbert, all the way up the line. I believe it’s about to go before the Daimler Board now.

And I tell you, Bernie, it’s not contributing to team morale. Things are so tense, you could cut slices off the atmosphere on days like this. Michael’s seconds off the pace while Nico’s doing stellar laps. Michael blames me for designing a car that’s more suited to Nico than to him and not redesigning it fast enough, and on top of that I have to deal with the car being off the general pace altogether.

Norbert’s under pressure from Zetsche, who wants results or else. And meanwhile Continue reading