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The new edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English is out, and the vuvuzela steals the show. Most of the rest is a result of either climate change or the credit crunch. Nothing spectacular there, if you ask me.

Perhaps that’s why speculation is already rife about next year’s new entries. Well, my friends, I have a candidate: ecclestoning.

Ecclestoning is what’s done to visionary people who make a simple sport a runaway, global success, without paying too much attention to whingers and whiners along the way. Everybody becomes rich and famous but the whingers and whiners, vindictive and jealous malcontents as they are by nature, make a life’s effort of trying to stone the visionary for his efforts.

The visionary on his part has no choice but to become filthy rich in the process, as the continuous effort to escape stoning makes for a very expensive lifestyle. Private jets to stay ahead of the pack, super yachts for the quiet holidays along the Adriatic coast, and bodyguards to keep the malcontents at bay.

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Even Obama is preparing the US for F1

It’s amazing to see how Tavo’s recent announcement of the Austin circuit has galvanised the US. Everybody over there seems to look forward to seeing some real motor racing. Even the President himself traveled especially to Austin to hold a big speech, and he was in quite the automotive mood. Talked quite a bit about getting cars out of ditches and knowing how to drive.

There was one particular moment when he shared some deep thoughts that I will not keep from you. He said: “I want you guys to think about this. If you have a car and you want to go forward, what do you do? You put it in “D.” When you want to go backwards, what do you do? You put it in “R.” I’m just saying.”

Some people, especially American politicians, assign some superficial political meaning to this. Think he’s joking. “D” would stand for Democrat, and “R” for Republican or something. Which isn’t funny of course. No gearbox was ever designed with names of political parties in mind. Can you imagine, driving a car with “T” for Tories and “L” for Labour?

No, I know better. There’s some profound wisdom here. I’m going to have this framed and hang it on my office wall.