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Mark Webber is ‘totally relaxed’

The lad arrived from Australia in a totally different mood from the others. Aren’t you a bit worried about losing your grip on the title? I asked him.

“Not at all. I’m totally, totally relaxed,” he says. “Couldn’t be more relaxed, frankly. Motivated, but relaxed.”

So you don’t care whether you win the title or not?

“Of course I care,” he says. “It’s fucking obvious. But I’m relaxed about it. Being relaxed is the best way to win.”

How about Vettel, then? He says he’s still racing you. Mateschitz backs him all the way. Meanwhile, Dr Strangelove and your boss are scratching their heads how to deal with the team orders or no team orders mess. Are you a first driver?

“I’m a relaxed driver. That’s what it’s all about, Mr E.”

Hamilton is running around totally fired up, says he’s gunning for the title with all his might.He has a responsibility to McLaren, England, and his fans. In that order, I believe. Aren’t you feeling his pressure?

“Lewis should be more relaxed. He’ll die young if he goes on like that. I’ll tell ya, stress is bad for you, mate.”

My man. This is what true F1 Champions should be made of. Conspiracy swirls around him, competitors are baying for his blood, team bosses breathing down his neck. The press is laying siege on an ongoing basis. But the man’s relaxed.

Hope he’s not on drugs.

Just heard the magic words

There’s always a point in the race where the commentator uses the words “all the way to the checkered flag.” We just reached that point. This one’s in the bag for the Red Bull lads, apparently. Except for Alonso blowing up his engine, that is. But that didn’t matter much anyway. F1 Supremo checking out.

Making F1 more lively

Team bosses in a tizzy, pundits crawling out of the woodwork, after Bahrain everybody and his mate have an opinion on how to make F1 races a bit more entertaining. But would you think they’d apply some thinking out of the box? Not a chance. I mean, coming up with a creative idea like shortcuts is enough to get yourself laughed off the premises these days.

Mark Webber tries smokescreen

Meanwhile the answer is right under our noses. Mark Webber experimented in Bahrain with a great new way to create more overtaking opportunities. Quite clever of the Red Bullies to figure out that smokescreens are not forbidden under current rules. And believe you me, there’s more where that came from. Continue reading